Life Assurance

So, you have your dream home, or you’re just the first step on the property ladder. Have you considered about how the family would cope should one of you die unexpectedly either through illness or a terrible accident? These are not the thoughts that one wants to have at such an exciting time, but unfortunately they reflect reality. Unlike most other insurances, the earlier you consider life cover, the cheaper it will be. Many of our younger customers cover their mortgages for maybe ten to fifteen pounds per month. Not very much when compared to the price of a few drinks at the pub!

Of course, a mortgage is only ONE reason to consider life assurance. Others include family protection, business protection, or in some cases Inheritance Tax Planning. One thing is absolutely sure, you need honest independent advice in respect of all insurance. If you see an adviser that is ‘restricted’ you may be only getting a quote from one insurance company rather than 25 or more that operate in the UK.

You may already have life cover, but we would be delighted to quote across the market to see if we can beat it. Remember, give us a call, drop us an email, or click the ‘contact’ button. We would be amazed if we cannot beat your current premium!