Regular saving and Investing

You don’t have be wealthy to invest! Regular saving allows virtually everyone to save a little for later on in life. A collective investment is the generic name for any investment that allows the investor to spread his or her risk across a number of different assets through one or more products. That is, an investor could hold one investment that was exposed to many different assets, with the objective of spreading risk in a similar way to the portfolio of a much larger investor. A very convenient method of doing this is via regular monthly saving, which may not be ‘noticed’ too much as a monthly cost, and can build to a worthwhile sum over a period of time.

The purpose of saving is often to ‘create wealth’, and many investors that have substantial portfolios started by using this method. Other reasons to save regularly include for school/university fees, or even to enhance retirement income. It is possible to start with as little as £100 per month.

If you wish to consider ‘creating a savings pot’, make a quick call, drop us an email, or click the ‘contact’ button. Ian & Maria are the two specialists in this area so feel free to ask for them by name.