Investing with GUARANTEES

Some of us don’t like taking risks! Sometimes it may be appropriate to guarantee some of your finances, whilst using other cash to make potential gains. Over the last few years more investment products have entered the market offering impressive guaranteed ‘income’, or even capital preservation. These products are NOT  just pension related, but can be used to invest capital, and often offer a monthly ‘income’ of over FOUR TIMES that offered by a bank or building society at today’s rates, usually in a tax-efficient way.

It is important to understand that these products are fairly complex, and that there are many considerations to make before investing. Here at Atlantic Coast we can advise you on all the features of these investments, not just the positives, but the things to look out for as well.

If you are unhappy with the returns from your savings account, and wish to take a step into the world of investing, please call, email, or click the ‘contact’ button to speak to one of our specialists.